For presenters

Who are we?

Our mission is to organize professional interviews and talks for supporting businesses internationally. For achieving this, we bring expert speakers and a professional audience together. Our platform allows us to build a network and utilize the power of a top-notch community. 

Protechtor provides inspiration, experiences and practical solutions.

What do we do?

Video interviews and roundtable discussions
Exclusive professional events

Why is it beneficial for keynote speakers?

Free form of appearance

Boost business network

Increased visibility

Enhance corporate branding

Elevate personal branding

Achieve professional recognition 

Who will be your audience?

Our platform is home to over 8,000 registered users—a diverse IT community with varied backgrounds, professions, and interests. When you present on our platform, we go beyond just broadcasting to a general audience. We strategically target and invite users who’ve shown interest in your specific topic, ensuring your insights reach an audience that’s both engaged and receptive.

Protechtor in numbers


registered users


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What we provide to our partners

✓ Visibility and marketing campaigns for events/ videos, reaching a relevant audience in the market.

✓ Networking opportunities with our professional community and guests during offline and exclusive events.

Who have already joined us

All that Tech talks.