AI Security – Embrace the Future, Do IT Securely | Public

Uploaded at : 2023. December 19.

Strategy AI security Framework Protection

The goal of the presentation is to take into an AI security journey. Nandor Feher, CISO & Data Protection Officer, will navigate a landscape filled with many layers, threats, and innovative protection strategies. He provides a broad perspective by presenting a layered framework that will help to understand and lead various types of AI projects effectively.

Nandor Feher

Nandor Feher

CISO @ Positivo Tecnologia

Nandor is passionate about Information Security. With over 26 years in Tech, where 17 in the Security field. He is currently the CISO at Positivo Tecnologia. His background is in Tech with a focus on security and network computers. Holding various certifications, he leads and creates effective SI programs, and handles emerging tech and risks, like AI, which we'll discuss. He has been fascinated by AI and ML, following developments like ChatGPT since version 3.5.

AI Security – Embrace the Future, Do IT Securely | Public

Uploaded at : December 19. 2023

Strategy AI security Framework Protection

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