Decision Support Services in Architecture | Public

Uploaded at: 2023. August 31.

Technology Architecture Digitization Decision making Tools Platform Cuttig-Edge

Real estate developers and architects are among the last stakeholders to be affected by higher levels of digitization, such as big data use, workflow automation and machine learning, the possibilities of which even seasoned professionals are sometimes not fully aware of.

We want to show that it can be different with the participation of Paulinyi & Partners Innovations.

Digital automation tools presented are ranging from self-optimizing englobo land subdivision, generative unit mix and sustainability simulations for ESG metrics, up to fully developed digital twins of the constructed buildings and automated energy retrofitting roadmaps for late-phase renovations.

These are the engines behind any cutting-edge contemporary real estate development, where precise budgetary control and energy efficiency are desired.

The presentation also covers the client-facing real estate decision-making dashboards, where the developer can access the data from these tools for option selection, completing the 3D business plan of the project.

Roland Németh

Roland Németh

Automation Development Lead & Managing Partner @ Paulinyi & Partners Innovations

Parametric designer, architect, agile manager, real estate appraiser, and responsible for developing automated design processes at Paulinyi & Partners Innovations Kft.

He spoke at the Digital Construction Industry 2021 conference, the IAC Congress in 2022, and the 2023 “YBL Conference on the Build environment”.

His focus is sustainability and data-based planning of construction investments, software development for the construction value chain. He previously worked on an architectural project integrating circular economy and water technologies.


Decision Support Services in Architecture | Public

Uploaded at: August 31. 2023

Technology Architecture Digitization Decision making Tools Platform Cuttig-Edge

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