Digital Access - How inclusivity strengthens IT companies

Uploaded at: 2023. September 01.

Diversity Employee Teams Success Digital Access Inclusivity

Increasing employee diversity also increases the company’s creative capacity. But how to do it well, and what are the exact advantages? What business aspects should be taken into account so that prejudices do not hinder business processes? What are the areas that people with disabilities can be most easily trained in, and which are most useful for the IT sector?

Our guests were Sára Pásztor, Vilmos Csimma, and Krisztián Tronka, the dreamers of Digital Access, and we had a great conversation about how to build diverse and successful companies based on employees with disabilities.

Sára Pásztor

Sára Pásztor

Founder & CEO @ Jamba

Sára Pásztor founded Jamba Hungary in 2019 to create a more inclusive and more sustainable society by empowering people living with disabilities and facilitate their access to the open labour market. The main assumption is that having a good, productive and well-paid job is a pre-requisite for most of us to live safe, enriching and full lives. Jamba's network of partnerships with a broad coalition of stakeholders including global donor institutions, local start-ups, multinational corporations, NGOs, volunteers, the media and the international Jamba network allows them to carry out their mission with maximised impact.

Vilmos Csimma

Vilmos Csimma

Co-Founder & CEO @ Digital Access / Quality Assurance Manager @ Prezi

Vilmos Csimma is one of the founders and the CEO of Digital Access Bt. Coming from the testing field, he has more than 20 years of experience in IT. His main expertise lies in Quality Management and testing, along with a deep understanding of software development and agile methodologies. This diverse range of work experiences has equipped Vilmos with valuable knowledge of collaborating with people from around the world, showcasing his communicative and creative personality. He strives to establish Digital Access Bt as an inclusive working space for individuals with disabilities, aiming for it to be an IT company with a significant social impact. Digital Access BT together with Jamba as a strategical partner aspires to assist companies in creating creative and healthy workspaces with an elevated level of diversity.

Krisztián Tronka

Krisztián Tronka

Co-Founder @ Digital Access

Krisztián Tronka, PhD is a co-founder at Digital Access Bt. With a professional journey spanning over 15 years, he has amassed a wealth of expertise in IT product management, IT business analysis, and a profound background in the software development industry in general. Drawing from a background as a former educator and seasoned trainer his passion for accessibility is exemplified through a specialization in crafting IT training programs designed to empower individuals with disabilities, enabling them to navigate the digital realm with confidence. Krisz’s unwavering dedication to innovation and accessibility resonates deeply, underscoring Digital Access Bt’s commitment to not only helping individuals find their place within the IT world but also to effect positive transformations in the lives of many.


Digital Access - How inclusivity strengthens IT companies

Uploaded at: September 01. 2023

Diversity Employee Teams Success Digital Access Inclusivity

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