From Code to Conversation: Perfecting Tech Presentations with Neil Thompson from Teach the Geek

Uploaded at: 2023. September 27.

Presentation Skillset Public Speech Learning Tech

Presentation skills are extremely important in IT, the same for managers as for engineers. But we all know life is not that simple. Challenges arise when professionals talk to non-tech people. Thus, we have invited Neil Thompson, founder of Teach the Geek to share with us the most common challenges of developers and engineers if it’s about public speech and what techniques they can use to overcome them.

In this interview, we talk about techniques, persuasiveness, the critical points of presentations, the healthy balance between being thorough and not overwhelming if it comes to a non-tech audience, and a lot of other useful aspects.

Neil Thompson

Neil Thompson

Teacher of Geeks, Author, Podcaster, Founder @ Teach the Geek

After one too many failed presentations, Neil Thompson knew he had to improve. He did so, and now, via his company Teach the Geek, he works with technical professionals like himself to improve their presentation skills. He’s the creator of the Teach the Geek to Speak online public speaking course, geared towards those in the technical fields. He hosts a podcast, the Teach the Geek podcast, interviewing technical professionals about their public speaking journeys. He’s also author of the book, Teach the Geek to Speak: a no-fluff public speaking guide for STEM Professionals and the accompanying workbook.


From Code to Conversation: Perfecting Tech Presentations with Neil Thompson from Teach the Geek

Uploaded at: September 27. 2023

Presentation Skillset Public Speech Learning Tech

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