From network science to geospatial data

Uploaded at: 2023. October 25.

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Milan Janosov is a seasoned data scientist with a background in Physics and a PhD in Network Science, currently splitting his time between academia and the start-up sphere. His specialty is not specializing: he uses data to solve problems in urban analytics, insurtech, HR, music, and even art.

We hosted him to give us a quick insight into how network science and geospatial data work and how companies can use them.

Milan Janosov

Milan Janosov

Seasoned data scientist with a background in Physics and a PhD in Network Science

With a background in physics and biophysics, Milan earned his PhD in network and data science in 2020. He studied and researched at the Eötvös Loránd University and the Central European University in Budapest, at the Barabási Lab in Boston, and the Bell Labs in Cambridge. He was selected as Forbes 30u30 in 2020. He is an NFT sales contributor on SuperRare and Foundation, an alumni at Eötvös Collegium, and a regular columnist at Qubit and the Data Visualization Society. His first book titled DATA debuted with OpenBooks.

Milan is the current chief data scientist at Baoba. Previously, he was the chief data scientist and co-founder of Datapolis, a research affiliate at the Central European University, a research expert at the European Commission, and a senior data scientist at Maven7.

He was awarded the Scholarship of the Republic of Hungary three times, won multiple prizes at science competitions, and presented his work in peer-reviewed journals and conferences from Nature’s Scientific Reports to MIT.

His work has been featured in Nature Social Science ResearchGQTimes Higher EducationNew ScientistNew York TimesTechXploreThe Economic TimesFossbytesFuturismThe TimesTowards Data Science,Phys.orgNightingaleGamestar99 Data Influencers to Follow 2023, the Miami Art Week, and more.

From network science to geospatial data

Uploaded at: October 25. 2023

Data Business Networks Geospatial Data City

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