How is AI revolutionizing public transport planning | Public

Uploaded at: 2023. September 01.

Planning Data AI Public transport Modelling Prediction Revolution Micro mobility

Public transportation has come a long way in the past 20-30 years. The use of data to organize public transportation is certainly not new, but today we have much more sophisticated technologies and approaches available than before. But how do AI revolutionize public transportation planning, how can we predict the behavior of the passengers? What benefits can it grant to the communities and our cities?

We hosted Johan C. Haveland, Founder & CEO of Asistobe to give us a deep insight into data-driven public transportation prediction and modeling.

Johan C. Haveland

Johan C. Haveland

Founder & CEO @ Asistobe

Founder & CEO Johan C. Haveland is a serial entrepreneur with a background in commercialization and innovation (It’s Learning, VIS, Occupational Hygiene Solutions). For the last 10+ years, he has worked in executive positions in the public transportation industry, focusing on using data to improve transport service and exploring the reduction of OPEX while transporting more passengers.

When Haveland was Director of Passenger Transportation at Bergen Light Rail, he became aware of how little we know about how people actually move and wondered if it would be possible to create a solution capable of providing this information, making it possible to plan and optimize public transport systems more efficiently. "If you don’t know the demand, how can you optimize the supply?"


How is AI revolutionizing public transport planning | Public

Uploaded at: September 01. 2023

Planning Data AI Public transport Modelling Prediction Revolution Micro mobility

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