In the Wake of Successful User Experience: Expert Advice of a UX Leader from | Public

Uploaded at: 2024. January 03.

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In this video, we explore the successful UX design work with the help of Krisztián Tóth, design manager at The interview aims to give the business and management side a better understanding of UX processes, which will help them develop successful products and operate more effectively. We talked about the role of UX, what makes a good one, pitfalls, roadmaps, key elements, the measurement of success, organizational questions, and many other important aspects.

Krisztián Tóth

Krisztián Tóth

Design Manager @

I'm a father of two, a nerd, a movie and gaming geek. On top of these I have a huge interest in psychology and design, which I'm using every day at as a Design Manager. I'm managing a team of UX Designers in the Partnership department of  and we are responsible for the B2B portal and the display of the partnership products for customers both on web and in the app. We are developing new products and improving on our current ones so we can support the very different travel products that offers for customers. I've been working at for more than 10 years now, watching us grow in size and face new challenges both on the design and the manager part of my job. I had the chance to work customer facing and on both B2B portals we have, which gave me a nice perspective of how similar and different working on different areas at


In the Wake of Successful User Experience: Expert Advice of a UX Leader from | Public

Uploaded at: January 03. 2024

Product development Business UX Design

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