Strategies for Success: Understanding the Layers of Product-Market Fit

Uploaded at: 2023. October 17.

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Product-market fit is the degree to which a product satisfies the needs and wants of a market. It is a crucial concept for startups and entrepreneurs who want to create successful products that customers love and are willing to pay for.

We hosted Yashar Ahmadpour, Managing Partner @ FindMyPMF, to give you a better understanding of what product-market fit is, why it is essential, how to measure it, and how to achieve it. You will also learn how to avoid some common pitfalls and challenges along the way.

Stay tuned for more insights and tips on how to create products that customers love!

Yashar Ahmadpour

Yashar Ahmadpour

Managing Partner @ FindMyPMF

With a trail of successful startups to my name, I embody the quintessence of a seasoned Product Market Fit (PMF) specialist. My journey, punctuated by ventures in AI, FinTech, and mobile app realms, has honed my adeptness in sculpting ideas into market-resonating products. The inception of FindMyPMF wasn’t merely a venture, but a manifestation of my passion to bridge the chasm between innovative ideas and market fruition. My nuanced understanding of agile methodologies, coupled with an inherent aptitude for ideation and wireframing, positions me uniquely in the bustling ecosystem of product development. Being at the helm of FindMyPMF, I’m not just a consultant, but a partner in navigating the intricate voyage from concept to market success.


Strategies for Success: Understanding the Layers of Product-Market Fit

Uploaded at: October 17. 2023

Product development Planning MVP Strategy PMF Analytics Startup

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