The Future of Cybersecurity: Is Zero Trust the New Normal? | Public

Uploaded at : 2023. October 17.

Technology Business Zero Trust Cybersecurity Challenges Implementation

Unlike traditional security models, Zero Trust uses a multi-layered approach to access control, with access granted on a need-to-know basis and continually verified. The benefits of adopting the approach include enhanced security, better protection of sensitive data, greater visibility and control, increased flexibility, and easier compliance and governance.

But what challenges do organizations often face when transitioning to a Zero Trust architecture? How does it work exactly? What do you need for the implementation? What are the common misconceptions?

We hosted Rick Moy, Chief Product Officer @ AccuKnox, to give valuable business and technological insight into the approach of the Zero Trust model.

Rick Moy

Rick Moy

Chief Product Officer @ AccuKnox

Rick Moy is an accomplished technology and go-to-market (GTM) leader, best known as the co-founder and CEO of NSS Labs, a trailblazer in real-world, test-based security research. His leadership has been instrumental in scaling multiple startups to successful exits, particularly in the domains of cloud-native applications, networking and cybersecurity. With a knack for spearheading product, marketing, and business development teams, Rick has consistently delivered exceptional results at industry-leading companies. He is currently the head of products (fractional) at AccuKnox, a leading zero trust cloud security provider, where he’s leading AI initiatives.


The Future of Cybersecurity: Is Zero Trust the New Normal? | Public

Uploaded at : October 17. 2023

Technology Business Zero Trust Cybersecurity Challenges Implementation

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