The role of AI in data and text analyses

Uploaded at: 2023. September 20.

Data AI Intelligent text analyses Corporate usage Data-driven processes

AI and being data-driven are significant calling words nowadays, but it is still tricky for countless companies to translate or turn it into practice. What’s the absolute value of the technology, and where can it appear in the practice? Where can it be a reliable partner?

We hosted Péter Szekeres, CEO & Co-founder @ Neticle, to give us a broad insight into corporate usage possibilities of AI, necessities that must be done to have strong foundations, NLG, and its role in data and intelligent text analyses.

Péter Szekeres

Péter Szekeres

CEO & Co-Founder @ Neticle

CEO and co-founder of Neticle, a company that is an expert in intelligent text analysis. He has been dealing with the analysis of unstructured data for more than 12 years. His goal is to support decision-making and the daily work of large companies in a data-driven way at a higher level with automated text analysis and related AI technology. As a leader, he builds a flexible, transparent, and open organization, an environment where team members enjoy working and helps maintain motivation. He was included in Forbes’ Thirty Under Thirty list of successful young people under 30 and was named Founder of the Year in Hungary in 2017.


The role of AI in data and text analyses

Uploaded at: September 20. 2023

Data AI Intelligent text analyses Corporate usage Data-driven processes

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